Pupkus Sharpening Services

 Why Choose Pupkus Sharpening Services?

Pupkus Scissor Sharpening and Restoration

Here at Pupkus Australia we know your grooming scissors are some of your most valuable tools you have.  They deserve nothing but the best sharpening service available.  We have literally traveled the world looking for not only the best sharpening tools but studied with scissor sharpening masters.  When you send scissors to Pupkus Australia they will be precision sharpened and hand honed the highest standards.  From $25 scissors to $5000 scissors we have the tools and knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your scissors and with sharpening starting from as little as $17 you can't go wrong.   

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Pupkus Clipper Blade Sharpening

Pupkus has a state of the art Hollow Grinding Blade Sharpener. The fully automatic machine gives the blades a hollow ground honed finish, which reduces wear & friction between the comb & cutter, minimising blade heat which in turn, lengthens blade life.  Basically our blade sharpening system ensures that your blades come back to you Sharp, Tensioned Correctly and Working . . . . All your blades  . . .No Excuses . . . .No more Blunt Blades.

Free Return Postage when you get 8+ Blades Sharpened

$11 per Blade   ($10 per blade for Pupkus Club Members)

Pupkus Clipper & Dryer Services

Pupkus offers servicing of all Major branded Clippers - as well as being a warranty agent for Wahl.

We are the experts at servicing Pupkus Dryers as we have all the parts the dryers would require. Have another brand of dryer? Give us a call and we can advise if we are able to service them or not for you.


The only address to send sharpening/servicing jobs to is

PO BOX 507


If you need to use a courier, then you will need to send to the showroom address as couriers will not deliver to PO Boxes but the PO box is preferred for all other deliveries