Pupkus Force 4 Double Motor Dryer

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The Pupkus Force 4 Dryer is our most powerful force dryer equip two with independent motors delivering massive amounts air designed to save you time and effort. With 4 wind speeds this dryer will make drying dogs a pleasure. Check out all the features.

• Solid attractive pink lightweight case.

• 2 Powerful cascade 2300 watt motor.

• Hi, Low wind on both motors

• The maximal wind speed of exit is as high as 291.7 CFM

• Dual insulation to preventing from over-heating.

• The unit has a 2 meter puncture-resistant, triple reinforced, flexible hose with three nozzle options, narrow concentrator, air flare and deep coat dryer to handle all-size pets and all coats.

• Filter is washable and easy to replace.

• Powerful, high velocity dryer delivers a high volume of air to blast water from coats without damaging the coats with heat.

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