• Hydrosurge Bathpro 5.1

Hydrosurge Bathpro 5.1

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Experience a surge in your grooming business with a Hydrosurge Bathpro 5.1 System. The Hydrosurge Bathing System is designed to make the bathing process quicker and easier than ever before.It uses patented Injectair Technology that combines shampoo, water and pure air. The system automatically draws shampoo into the water for a constant sudsing action. A unique combing action spray easily penetrates the animals coat, breaking up oils, dirt, dead skin, dander and loose hair. Making bath time a breeze. Bathpro 5.1 Animal Bathing System operates off existing water pressure, minimizing the need for additional equipment.


Save up to 70% in bathing time

Penetrating combing action eliminates the need for hand scrubbing

Animals enjoy the hydro-therapeutic massage action

Our easy rinse shampoos work better

Automatically draws the right amount of shampoo so there is no mixing or measuring

Pure air stimulates skin with oxygen

Convenient and Safe

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS AN ORDER ON DEMAND SO PLEASE ALLOW 5-7 WORKING DAYS - or call the office prior to ordering for confirmation of availability.

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