Deluxe Electric Lift S/S Dog Bath Tub

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The Pupkus Deluxe Stainless Steel Bath Tub is a fully electric hydraulic lifting Bath Tub. Its base is high quality inclined steel structure, which ensures the entire bathtub lifts effortlessly and stably. It can be lowered down to 35cm off of the ground allowing dogs to simply walk into the tub, and then raised to 70cm turning the backbreaking work of washing dog into a pleasure. The insert-type door keeps the water in while the 55cm high splash back reduces mess. With a removable skid-proof grate on the floor and 2 sliding hooks for securing dogs you will always be in control. To top it all off we have included an easy to use tap and an interface for a Pupkus dryer hose so you can wash and dry the dog in the same place



Length 129cm

Width 68cm

Lifting Height 35-70cm

Tub Height 50cm

Total Height 134-179cm

Splash Back 55cm High 

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