Groomer Notes

Groomers Notes is a Newsletter that Pupkus Australia sends out on a monthly bases.  Its Choc-o-block full of useful advice, articles, guides, product reviews and Pupkus Exclusive Specials.
We started the Groomers Notes as a way of helping our valued customers (you) a chance to fine tune your skills or in some cases learn something new; it’s not just a chance for us to sell you something.
If you would like to learn more on a particular subject just send it a quick e-mail and we will put it into our future articles list. We would love to have some feedback from you on the both the format of the newsletter and the content as well.
From all of us a Pupkus Australia thanks for your support!
Just click on the links below to read the previous versions of the Groomers Notes.

Groomers Notes Issues 2016
Issue 1 Clipper Maintenance 1 - Levers
Issue 2 Clipper Maintenance 2 - Clipper Parts Breakdown
Issue 3 Clipper Maintenance 3 - Why Sharp Blades Stop Working
Issue 4 Clipper Maintenance 4 - Do's & Don'ts
Issue 5 Clipper Blades 1 - Sharpening