Fighting The Lead


Pupkus Training Guide

Topic: Fighting the Lead

Generally when you first bring your puppy home and put a collar and lead on it, it is most likely the first time it has every been restricted in anyway. Having this unfamiliar restriction on its neck can panic your puppy causing it to fight against the pressure. The key to getting your puppy to overcome this fear is to socialise it to the equipment as early as possible.

Leave a lightweight collar, not a correction chain, on your puppy at all times, checking daily that it is not too tight as your puppy grow very quickly. As long as you can fit two fingers under the collar it is not too tight. When your puppy has become accustom to the collar and is no longer trying to bite it off or scratch it you can then move to the lead.

Make the transition to the lead as enjoyable as possible. You can begin with by attaching the lead to the collar and allowing your puppy to drag it around behind it. Ensure that the lead does not get caught on anything causing it to jerk your puppy, making it uncomfortable thus unpleasant for your puppy.

Another way you can socialise your puppy to the lead is by sitting on the ground with your puppy and its favourite toy, keeping the lead loose at all times, while being sure not to drag or correct your puppy in anyway during this time. Let your puppy become accustom to the pressure on it’s neck of it’s own accord until it is pulling forward and keen to walk on it’s own.

Although this pulling may seem contradictory to obedience training, the confidence and outgoing nature it exhibits in your puppy is critical to it’s development. Once the confidence has developed, we can teach your puppy to walk well on the lead.