What is the meaning of Pupkus?

The moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it.

What kind of warranty do Pupkus products have?

All Pupkus products have at least a one(1) year warranty, but some products like our Duratech Lead range have a lifetime guarantee.

Can I come and test the products?

We have a full try before you buy show room located in Cardinia, Victoria.

How does your phone number only have local call cost?

We have an internet phone number which while looking like a normal number it only costs you your local cost to call us.  What does this mean? Well if you are in Perth calling on a fixed line you will only get charged the cost of a local call not STD.

Where do I get the products serviced?

All our products are serviced on site at our Cardinia Showroom Location. Please send items to PO Box 507, Officer, Vic, 3809. (If you are using a courier to send your items, please use the showroom address as the delivery address otherwise please send only to the PO Box)

What happens if the product doesn’t work when it arrives?

If your products arrives faulty (dead on arrival), please call us and we will arrange a replacement or repair of the unit once we receive it back at our office.